Services Overview

Life Safety Services specializes in three main environmental services: Radon Mitigation, Mold Removal, and Asbestos Testing in Rochester, NY and its surrounding areas. For your convenience, we have listed a brief summary of each below. For more information about each service, use the provided links.

Radon Mitigation

Life Safety Services specializes in Radon Mitigation. Our experiences in both residential and commercial structures enable us to install the most effective system for your property without excessive costs. We are Certified Radon Mitigation Professionals serving the Rochester,NY region since 1998, our Radon reduction techniques are used to stop radon entry and reduce indoor radon concentrations to acceptable levels.

Mold Removal

Life Safety Servives is a Certified Mold Contractor. Some of the services we perform are:

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing when an issue has been identified.
  • Cleaning and Remediation of mold off wood sheathing in attic space.
  • Cleaning of mold from basement walls.

With every project we perform, Life Safety Services will discuss the scope of work up front and explain what we can and cannot do. Through experience, we have realistic expectation about the process and the results that can be achieved. Please remember, there are no standards for indoor levels of molds. This is because there is great variability in people’s reaction to mold and other allergens. There is no scientific support for designating a particular mold measurement as “safe” or “unhealthy at this time.

Asbestos Testing

Life Safety Services specializes in Asbestos consulting. New York State rules and regulations for Asbestos are extremely complex. Our experience and knowledge of NYS Code Rule 56 can save you time and money. Services include:

  • Building surveys and testing
  • Development of plans and specifications
  • Bid walk and contractor selection
  • Asbestos management programs
  • Air monitoring / Project monitoring
  • Laboratory analysis