About Us

Company Background

Life Safety Services LLC. is owned and operated in Western New York.  We are dedicated to helping our clients create healthy indoor environments. Our staff can assist residential homeowners and property managers in the identification of Asbestos, Mold, Radon Mitigation, Soil and Groundwater contamination.

We operate predominately in Western New York. Our experience in residential and commercial properties originated in 1998 as a property inspection company. We work for home owners, real estate professionals, property managers, home owner associations, engineers, home improvement companies and insurance companies.

Environmental Services

Life Safety Services, LLC. has a wide range of environmental consulting and compliance management services including:

Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation
Asbestos Surveys & Abatement Management
Lead-based Paint Surveys & Abatement Management
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & Mold Investigations & Abatement Management
Asbestos & Lead Management Programs
Environmental Site Assessments
Underground Storage Tank Investigations & Removal Management
Soil & Groundwater Sampling & Remediation Management